Sustainability is key in producing our products.

Keeping our environment beautiful and supporting American Businesses where we can every day.

Fabric and other materials: Striving to find the most economical way to produce our products using Domestic suppliers and Fabrication Companies for the materials we use in our product allows us to be nearly entirely USA made. We purchase a lot of our fabric in town at a store that supports American Jobs as well as through companies across the Country. This supports local economy and also economies across the country. At times we purchase fabrics we do not know the origin of the fabric and/or we may purchase licensed fabric and I want to be very clear we are in now way affiliated with the trademark holder for the fabric or products we use in making our items and these are crafted by us only using those raw licensed fabric which you purchase.

Clean Ingredients: We aim to select suppliers who distribute to USA major supply chains or who are USA made, to help ensure our materials used for the product are of the best-in-class fabrics, inks and dyes that conform to the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.

Water Conscientious: We look for suppliers who have pigment printing processes that consume very little water, making it an eco-friendly solution in the textile printing process.

Reducing Carbon Footprint: We invests in sustaining a healthy environment by working to reduce our ecological impact in everything we do, from recycling and composting use of recycled-content paper as well as other energy efficient practice.

Recycle, Up-Cycle, and Reuse where practicable… means that sometimes we do not know the country of origin or the specific contents of the raw ingredients such as metal or fabric used in the item you are purchasing.